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Vanessa Ann is an Elemental Ritualist, Claircognizant Spirit Diviner, Astrologer, Spiritual,Educator and a co-founder of the Divine Wellness Collective.

From a young age, Vanessa Ann felt, heard, saw, and just knew that there was more to the world than what was physically around her. In her teens, unhappy with conventional western views concerning medicine and spirit, she began her studies within the occult arts. Over the years her spiritual journey has led her to a rich tapestry of teachers, sacred lands and ancestral connections. Each experience helped her to open up to different ways of interpreting and interacting with the spiritual world, deepening her connection to herself and to spirit, enabling her to perceive subtle energies and spiritual forces with greater clarity, understanding and sensitivity.

Her offerings are a magical blending of ritual, divination, astrology, and spiritual education focused on a belief in animism, recognizing the inherent spirit within all beings and within the
land itself. This perspective infuses her offerings with a deep reverence for nature and the inter-connectivities of all living things. Through her on-going work as an elemental ritualist,
she seeks to honor the sacredness of the elements through ceremony to facilitate healing, transformation, and the spiritual growth of herself and her community.

In her practice, Vanessa Ann serves as a channel for divine guidance and wisdom, helping individuals connect with their own intuition and inner knowing. Through her claircognizant
abilities, she is able to receive messages, symbols, and insights from spirit, offering clarity and guidance to those seeking answers on their own spiritual journeys.

Ancestral healing is another aspect of Vanessa Ann’s work, wherein she explores the ancient wisdom of astrology to uncover the cosmic & ancestral influences shaping our individual lives.
Through the interpretation of astrological charts and celestial alignments, she assists her clients in understanding their unique cosmic blueprint and how it intersects with their ancestral lineage, guiding them towards self-discovery, healing, and alignment with their soul's purpose.

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Vanessa Ann

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