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Divine Wellness Collective
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The Divine Wellness Collective is a collective of spiritualists, educators and practitioners.  We believe in building relationships with spirit, land and people.  

We honor spirit and are divinely directed in all our endeavors. Our mission is to offer services and products that will bring you to a more harmonious and balanced way of life. We believe that holistic wellness connects mind, body and spirit.

We honor the land in which we reside by working with nature's powerful medicines. We believe as residents of this world, it is our duty to evolve and develop ourselves, so we can remember who we are and reconnect with Spirit. 

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I was raised in a Christan household, and I always wondered as a young person if there was one religion that had all the answers. With that question in mind, as I matured I began a quest for my own truth. On my journey, I have explored and studied other traditions such as Raja Yoga Meditation, Reiki Energy Healing and Traditional African Spirituality. With this wide range of knowledge and understanding, I discovered my own unique and instinctive gifts. 


Over the last 28 years, I have expanded my gifts as a healer, educator, advisor and medicine woman. As a clairaudient channel and spiritual diviner,  I use my gifts to hear from the angelic and ancestral realms for spiritual guidance and direction.

Fay Lavern

From a young age, I felt, heard, saw, and just knew there was more to the world than what was physically around me. Unhappy with conventional western views around medicine and spirit, I began to travel, explore and study different holistic ways of being, seeing, and knowing.

As a claircognizant astrologer, spiritual diviner, educator and medicine person I have been helping people to heal for the past 26 years. I believe that astrology and spiritual divination are multi-faceted and heart-centered art forms. They are profound tools that work on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  I use my gifts to teach others to connect to the living world and spirit. My animistic approach uses ancestral folk healing and land re-connection to embody spiritual healing work.

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Vanessa Ann

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