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Who are our Ancestors and why should you do Ancestral work? 

Ancestors are the ones that have gone before us, they may be from your direct bloodline, culture or historical figures who inspired you. We may not know all their names but their DNA flows through each of us, this is true for everyone. 


Ancestral work is a tool used to assist you in identifying traumas and patterns in your life. It helps you discover why you may do certain things and why you may repeat family patterns. 

By doing ancestral work you repair and promote greater physical and mental health which in turn will be beneficial for generations to come.

Why use Astrology?

Astrology is the study of nature and its relationships to the planets & stars in motion. As a navigation tool Astrology teaches us how to harmonize with the energies around us.

This is an ancient art which can be used to glean insight about ourselves and our lives, by interpreting the position of the planets, signs, and houses at the moment we took our first breath. Your Astrological "chart" or "Natal chart" is a blueprint of where all of the planets were above and around you at the moment of your birth. 

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