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Vanessa and Fay of the Divine Wellness Collective are two powerful Medicine women.

 They give you the opportunity and the space to get to know yourself better, to heal and to feel yourself in a loving and conscious way.


I got very detailed holistic astrological counseling from Vanessa. Her sessions are intuitive, personal, warm and humorous. Not only do you get a great overview of your life, personality and tasks, Vanessa also goes into detail about specific life situations.


Shani K, Germany


If you are looking for a genuine expert in divination and tarot look no further than Fay. I was at a lost and needed some direction my reading was informative , deep and intimate. I highly recommend a reading , don't hesitate.

 John A, Nigeria



It has been an absolute pleasure and delight meeting these two ladies! They bring such positivity and lightness to a space.

I was absolutely blown away by the amount of information that Vanessa imparted to me for my astrological reading of which I would highly recommend. If you're looking for a good non-judgemental caring communal vibe , look no further!  


If you have the opportunity to do any sort of ancestral work with Fay in nature, I highly recommend that you take it and watch the magic and connections happen! I really felt the ancestors coming through her. 


Wild Lotus, Canada


A few years ago when I was in a state of re-evaluating my life, I had a reading done in a 30-minute session. A year later, I had an hour natal chart reading session and got three pages of notes from all the information given! Vanessa had a printout of the chart, explaining each portion. At the end of the session I was given a chance to ask some specific questions and was given clarity on topics that were on my mind. After my session, I was able to make more decisive decisions and pursue different paths that I did not consider before. I would highly recommend getting your natal chart read to anyone who is at a crossroads, seeking answers from a higher plane or curious as to what is projected in the stars for them.


 Jasmine J, Canada


Back in 2019, I started taking herbal tinctures every morning. Before using the product I would wake up most mornings with a runny nose or feeling congested. Each bottle would last me about a month & I would take two drops under the tongue daily. Since taking the tinctures, at least once a week, about 20 minutes after taking the tinctures, my body is able to get rid of some phlegm. In the year i've been taking them, I very rarely get colds or wake up feeling congested. I would highly recommend using herbal tinctures for cold prevention and/or allergies. When looking for tinctures, seeing what each one targets is pivotal as some tinctures are multi-functional while others target more specific ailments as well.

Simone W, Canada


Handmade with love and prayers means the spirit of the items holistically supports the whole body, mind, and spirit with energetic balance and harmonies...great products... great team.

Kim W, Canada


Typically for my period, I would use over the counter medications and drink mint tea to deal with pain management. Three months ago, I began taking fennel tinctures once in the morning and a few times throughout the day if I suddenly got bad cramps. Along with drinking multiple cups a day of fennel tea with honey, the tincture had me experiencing less cramps. For me, taking the tincture two drops in the morning three days before my period is expected to begin and taking it until the end of my cycle. With the combination of tinctures and tea, I rarely use over the counter medication to manage pain.

JJ, Canada


In 2015, I was unknowingly being exposed to black mold. It had seeped into my apartment and affected the health of my roommates and I. Collectively, we lost weight and gained other varying health issues. Once I started using DWC tea, it aided in the elimination of that mold. I have yet to find anything that’s helped as much as this tea. Now, I feel less of a weight in my chest and will continue to drink this tea until all the mold is gone! 

Aaron J, Canada


I have had the pleasure of dealing with Fay on a few occasions. I have needed both her prayers/blessings and good energy during very difficult times in my family, as well as her products. Fay was not  only professional and knowledgeable, but also amazing at what she did.  I dare say that every time I have called on her, the outcome has always been positive.  I highly recommend all who need a "special hand" to turn their trust to Fay.


Daisy K, Canada


Vanessa's work is integral and she managed to read and understand my deep needs in the moment. I also did rituals guided by her that helped me to  overcome a challenging situation, and to connect with nature with gratitude. 

Thank you for being this divine channel and assisting me on my journey.


Susane, Brazil


My reading with Fay was everything I needed. She guided me on difficult decisions and I really felt how she connected with my ancestors.  I enjoyed my reading so much I referred my sister to her.

Jennifer L, Canada  


I recently completed 8 weeks of moon astrology sessions with Vanessa. Her breadth of her knowledge, intuitive nurturing energy and passion for sharing is truly a gift. 
To say that I learned a lot is an understatement! What I loved most, was that each week I was provided with guidance for how to observe the particular phase and rituals to implement. These strategies were deeply meaningful to help build a deeper understanding of myself. 

Vanessa's relaxing presence and her inviting space (incense, tea and instrumental music) created a ritual that I was excited to come back to week after week. If you are interested in growing self awareness or looking to learn something new, I recommend reaching out to her. She is a gem and I'm excited for future sessions. 

KJ, Canada


Vanessa's work is guided by the spirits that walk with her and highly attuned to the cosmology and planets around us. I experienced her reading as intuitive and believe her  gifts to have a lifelong impact to a person and their cosmological connections. A whole new map of my personal life was shown to me and she helped me to read and understand myself even better.


Annika T, Germany


My entire life was backed up with negative forces then I learned about Divine Wellness Collective.  I met with the team and started and I can testify that this group is powerful. They follow divine instructions and  they know what they are doing. Since they did work for me, things have drastically changed and I'm so happy to share my testimony with each and every person. These ladies are capable of doing the work and it is done with dedication and commitment. They are very patient and I really felt their spirituality and I found it to be affordable. Thanks Divine Wellness for helping through my dark moments.

Phillip M, Jamaica

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