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Building relationships with
spirit, land & people

"Vanessa and Fay of the Divine Wellness Collective are two powerful Medicine women.

They give you the opportunity and the space to get to know yourself better, to heal and to feel yourself in a loving and conscious way."

Shani K, Germany

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"These ladies are capable of doing the work and it is done with dedication and commitment. They are very patient and I really felt their spirituality and I found it to be affordable. Thanks Divine Wellness for helping me through my dark moments."

Miguel, Canada

"I very rarely get colds or wake up feeling congested.

I would highly recommend using herbal tinctures for cold prevention and/or allergies. When looking for tinctures, seeing what each one targets is pivotal as some tinctures are multi-functional while others target more specific ailments as well.​"

Jazzy J, Canada

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